Sign On water.png



1. Link to the provided website on your device.

2. On the first screen select "Submit"

3. This will bring you to a screen where you select “Sign ON Water” or “Sign OFF Water”,


 4 You can then search for your boat via the options listed, and follow the instructions to move your boat from "Land" to "Water" or vice-versa.

5. Once you have Signed ON, close the link and then later re-open the link to Sign OFF the water.

6. This system will time stamp your Sign ON and Sign OFF activities.

7. A computer will be available on-shore for those who are not connected. Assistance will be provided if required.


This system will be available on-line for practice from Friday 2nd February to Tuesday 6th February, when it will be turned off for maintenance, and reopen for the start of the Regatta.


In the interests of Security and Safety-

  • Please do not share the Sign ON/OFF link with others not connected with the Regatta.
  • Each Helm should complete the actual Sign ON/OFF themselves - don't "sign" on behalf of others, unless you are directly assisting or instructing them.
  • Any connected device can be used, but do it yourself!
  • Used correctly, the system allows all Race Officials to identify the status of any boat at any time.

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