158 Entries

Laser 4.7 MAST Craig Stanger LAZIN BACK 167118 MSC
Laser 4.7 GMAST Taryn Agius TORTUGA DE MAR 208527 TINAROO
Laser 4.7 GMAST George Meikle CONDITION ZULU 171115 RQYS
Laser 4.7 GGMAST Martin Brady HELENKA 201502 MHASC
Laser Radial MAST Andrew Cox TROUBLEMAKER 210797 DBSC
Laser Radial MAST Alex Duff RANDOM ORBIT 197547 HYC
Laser Radial MAST Camilla Graves ZEPHYR 214413 SSCBC
Laser Radial MAST Owen Mcmahon LIKE SHEARING A PIG 201504 RBYC/ASC
Laser Radial MAST Jeffrey Myers PRIORITY ONE 183012 GRSC
Laser Radial MAST Steve Russell CALYPSO 184709 CHYC
Laser Radial MAST Diane Sissingh BLOUSE 202968 mhasc
Laser Radial MAST Lindsay Whitton PURE BLONDE 202911 RPAYC
Laser Radial MAST Grant Willmott THE HIGHWAY 202915
Laser Radial MAST Martin Wilson DRUNKEN PIRATE 212841 GRSC
Laser Radial MAST Ian Young BARRY CROCKER 212855 GRSC
Laser Radial LEDG Peter Craig KERI CRAIG 205002 B S S
Laser Radial LEDG Kerry Waraker QUADELLE 202701 RQYS
Laser Radial LEDG David Wyllie BONNIE TUESDAY 202677 PMYC
Laser Radial GMAST Hamish Atkinson 201518 KIWI 201518 NPCL NZ
Laser Radial GMAST Steven Baum DHARMA 202769 RQYS
Laser Radial GMAST Hugh Bekkers SWIFT 191627 RQYS
Laser Radial GMAST Ian Bell WETDATE 211560 VYC
Laser Radial GMAST Alan Booth SSOTALLY TOBER 197525
Laser Radial GMAST Christine Bridge WINGS 210159 RQYS
Laser Radial GMAST Andrew Brown STEAM TRAIN 145522 BSS
Laser Radial GMAST David Cradock PIZZA DELIVERY 201536 GRSC
Laser Radial GMAST Wayne Culph FLIGHT V 168125 BRSC
Laser Radial GMAST Colin Dibb Z 202554 FSC
Laser Radial GMAST Rob Douglass STOLLIT 174345 JBSC
Laser Radial GMAST Richard Dreverman N/A 202583 VYC
Laser Radial GMAST Vanessa Dudley LAMBCHOP 206416 MHASC
Laser Radial GMAST Ian Ferrier LOTSFUN2 196903
Laser Radial GMAST Adam French FARTOOMUCH 198128 GSC
Laser Radial GMAST Stephen Girdis +GST 212875
Laser Radial GMAST Joby Graves TBA 202732 SSCBC
Laser Radial GMAST Mark Howland SCUTTLEBUTT 202676 PMYC
Laser Radial GMAST Robert Jeffreys WCPGW 202652 SYC
Laser Radial GMAST Mark Kennedy TASSIE EXPRESS 164180 MYC/RQYS
Laser Radial GMAST David Krempin REWIND 192650 MSC
Laser Radial GMAST Daryl Lawrence NB FLUKE 207490 DBSC
Laser Radial GMAST Patrick Levy BLOKE 211579 db
Laser Radial GMAST Lloyd Lissiman GOIN NOWHERE 202933 RPYC
Laser Radial GMAST Rick Longbottom DASH 202799 RANSA/CYC
Laser Radial GMAST Jeff Loosemore AUSSIE SHARK 199093 GRSC-MHASC
Laser Radial GMAST David Luketina VOLTAREN & CORONA 202591 SoPYC
Laser Radial GMAST Tony Mcphail COCONUT TELAGRAPH 208808 RBYC
Laser Radial GMAST Chris Meech SIMPLY THE BEST 211472 GSC
Laser Radial GMAST Barry Nordberg DEBARCLE 206383 Pmyc
Laser Radial GMAST Lyndall Patterson THE DELL 209533 RQYS
Laser Radial GMAST Michael Pitt INTERLOPER 202922 rqys
Laser Radial GMAST Anne Reynolds FREQUENT FLYER 163966 KBSC
Laser Radial GMAST Stephen Reynolds DILIGENT 161246 KBSC
Laser Radial GMAST Anthony Scali ARRAN 212840
Laser Radial GMAST Jim Sloan TIME OUT 214420 BSS
Laser Radial GMAST Tom Slocombe SONIC 203228
Laser Radial GMAST John Smidmore RUST NEVER SLEEPS 206393 NSC
Laser Radial GMAST Jan Talacko NO IDEA 166788 RBYC
Laser Radial GMAST Martin White WHITE HOUSE 211475 DBSC
Laser Radial GMAST Lindsay Wilson BORN TO BE WILD 168662 KBSC
Laser Radial GMAST Roger Winton CHARTER 202689 OYC
Laser Radial GGMAST Tim Alexander SQUEEZE 202594 NSC
Laser Radial GGMAST Stuart Allan ANKLE BITER 202722 CanberraYC
Laser Radial GGMAST Lewis Arndt LONGREACH 210491 SoPYC
Laser Radial GGMAST Doug Bell CHARTER 194288 RVicYC
Laser Radial GGMAST Michael Bell MINNIE 185365
Laser Radial GGMAST Ian Clare ENDLESS FRICTION 187909 NSC
Laser Radial GGMAST Jeremy Creech SHEEP DOG 198094 BSS
Laser Radial GGMAST Peter Dews ABEDARE 152877 MSC
Laser Radial GGMAST Philip Eadie WOMBAT 199028 CYCA and VYC
Laser Radial GGMAST David Edmiston UNFINISHED BUSINESS 206046 GSC
Laser Radial GGMAST Neil Feller DIGGER 212838 VYC
Laser Radial GGMAST David Huber 203767 203767 DBSC
Laser Radial GGMAST Clive Humphris TBA 210495 rgyc
Laser Radial GGMAST Mark Johnston BETTER LATE THAN OVE 201537 GRSC
Laser Radial GGMAST Dave Kershaw FUN 210494 ihyc
Laser Radial GGMAST Martin Linsley LASSER 203797 CYC RANSA
Laser Radial GGMAST Robert Lowndes WIGGLE 197530 MHASC
Laser Radial GGMAST Michael Mills MILLSTONE 214422 RRSC
Laser Radial GGMAST Michael Obrien SHIAWAY 212837 vyc
Laser Radial GGMAST Greg Phillips IKARA 205953 PPSC
Laser Radial GGMAST Kevin Phillips AVANTI 208809 GSC
Laser Radial GGMAST David Robson PRESSURE DROP 203763 GRSC
Laser Radial GGMAST Tony Ryan MISTIES FOOL 206004 CYC
Laser Radial GGMAST Russell Shannon THE VIBE 178791
Laser Radial GGMAST Barry Spradbrow BESSA DAISY 183000 MSC
Laser Radial GGMAST John Sprague HARD ON 207472 Gsc
Laser Radial GGMAST Lew Verdon SUCH IS LIFE 191608 MHASC
Laser Radial GGMAST Geoff Walker 3/5 OF 5/8 210190 MC
Laser Radial GGMAST Francis Walsh PARKBENCH 181906 MHASC
Laser Radial APP Peter Creak UBIQUITOUS 209532 PMYC
Laser Radial APP Danny Fuller FULLASCHEIDT 163967 RQYS
Laser Radial APP Daniel Wright HALCYON 2 210171 BSS
Laser Radial APP Daniel Wruck STARSKY 181911
Laser Standard MAST Ian Alexander ALPHA 211498 DBSC
Laser Standard MAST Tony Baisden ROADRUNNER 212827 RQYS
Laser Standard MAST Chris Barnes SPIDER PIG 207818 MSC
Laser Standard MAST Rod Barnes BARNSTORMER 212828 DBSC
Laser Standard MAST Brett Beyer SLOWCOACH 210192 W.S.C.
Laser Standard MAST Cris Brodie NZL THE ALCHEMIST 174323 BYC
Laser Standard MAST Charlie Buckingham MISERY STICK 183898 NHYC / LYC
Laser Standard MAST Gerry Donohoe OCKHAMS LASER 208775 DBSC
Laser Standard MAST David Harrison PEARL 177103 BSS
Laser Standard MAST Stuart Holdsworth SILKY 198091
Laser Standard MAST Dean Kurz NOVIS INITIIS 190369 MSC
Laser Standard MAST Jerome Pabbruwe ADICORA 210497 SoPYC / FSC
Laser Standard MAST Andrew Robinson 209563 209563 Sandringham YC
Laser Standard MAST Cameron Shaw CON FUSION 167096 GRSC
Laser Standard MAST Rod Smith S P I T F I R E 212276 B S S
Laser Standard MAST David Whait FR8 TRAIN 210501 SoPYC/FSC
Laser Standard MAST Simon Wilkins CHARTER 198120 RSC/SsYC
Laser Standard MAST Greg Wilshire SAM 210507 Howick NZL
Laser Standard MAST Gus Young MIDDLE HARBOUR DNA 203226 CRSC
Laser Standard GMAST Grant Abicht LASERUS 170545 SPCC
Laser Standard GMAST F Bucek ANACONDA 208343 Rgyc
Laser Standard GMAST Marcus Bulstrode EXPRESSO 190364 TSC
Laser Standard GMAST John Casey FULL THROTTLE 198089
Laser Standard GMAST Gavin Dagley - 210818
Laser Standard GMAST Philip Danks SPARTA 202740 RQYS
Laser Standard GMAST Neil Edwards OLLIE 202869 PSSAC
Laser Standard GMAST Peter Elverd WYUNA 175986 WYC
Laser Standard GMAST Peter Fell FOUR SHEETS 211548 BSS
Laser Standard GMAST Paul Garaty MISSILE 211505 B16s
Laser Standard GMAST David Ginty LIQUID ASSET 163972 JBSC
Laser Standard GMAST David Glover LAYBACK 210490 SoPYC
Laser Standard GMAST Leigh Glover ROCKET 202674 FYC
Laser Standard GMAST Steve Gunther NO NAME 166795 KBSC
Laser Standard GMAST Bruce Hilleard SPLASH 192562 GRSC
Laser Standard GMAST Mark Hooper SATU LAGI 212839 GRSC
Laser Standard GMAST Graham Jennings ENDLESS SUMMER 209528
Laser Standard GMAST Chris Kelleway FOREVER YOUNG 210208 MHASC
Laser Standard GMAST Tim Law KATEMBA 195867
Laser Standard GMAST Hugh Leicester TIGHT LINES 212882
Laser Standard GMAST Laurence Mayer RIDE MY WAVE 204579 LMYC
Laser Standard GMAST Nick Page CHARTER 211519 PBC
Laser Standard GMAST Gary Ratcliffe RATITUDE 212842 GRSC
Laser Standard GMAST Andrew Ringwood GOM 194923
Laser Standard GMAST Chris Sadler N/A 210161 TYC
Laser Standard GMAST Stephen Sampson MAIREAD 193133 ASC
Laser Standard GMAST Oliver Shtein SLAMFOOT 207191 VYC
Laser Standard GMAST John Sykes EMBECAND 202742 ASC
Laser Standard GMAST Rob Sykes FUNDAMENTAL 197550 RQYS
Laser Standard GMAST Bradley Taylor MYSTIC 192601 RQYS
Laser Standard GMAST Bruce Utting BADFACE 199016 SOPYC
Laser Standard GMAST Peter Wallace NATURAL SELECTION 212822 MHASC
Laser Standard GMAST Andrew Whittell CHARTER 206754 GBYC
Laser Standard GMAST Michael Wilson GOLDFISH 210176 BSS
Laser Standard GMAST Robert Wilson TRASH TALK 209558 PMYC
Laser Standard GGMAST Bob Blakey NO NAME 212260 TYC
Laser Standard GGMAST Peter Fletcher MIXED EMOTIONS 167125 PDSC
Laser Standard GGMAST Sean Homan TBA 214423 ASC
Laser Standard GGMAST Philip Marsh UNSHACKLED 2 203796 A12SC
Laser Standard GGMAST James Temple PEPPE 202729 PMYC
Laser Standard APP Matt Blakey POPAVALI MANDROPOV 197259 PMYC
Laser Standard APP Dan Blight ROCKSTEADY 193137 BSS
Laser Standard APP Mark John MOR Y DDRAIG 202733 BSS
Laser Standard APP Peter Ross NEMO UNO 206396 PMYC
Laser Standard APP Nicholas Skulander GREYME LABROOY 208531
Laser Standard APP Zac Skulander ANNA BOLIC 207839 MHASC