Brett Bayer coaching and Golf

  1. Brett Bayer Coaching Clinics Late vacancies

Due to a couple of late cancellations we now have a two vacancies in the first clinic on 3rd and 4th and one vacancy on clinic 6th and 7th Feb.

REGISTER at the QLA web site www.qlalasers.com

Look for the Brett Bayer article and links or call Fergus Gillanders-Blagdon – AS (07 3393 6788) fergus.gillanders@sailing.org.au

Michael Wilson – QLA (0417 758 859) wilsomichael58@gmail.com


Topics Brett will cover

  • Meet 9:30 with boats rigged, but not changed.

  • Boat set-up, hiking strap position and sail shapes discussion and examples.

  • On water about 10:45 for 2 hour morning session. Any on-water session to include practice of:

  • Upwind

    • Sitting and sheeting positions

    • Starts and slow boat control. Acceleration techniques.

    • How to manage apparent wind in swell upwind

    • When to hike and when to rest

    • Defining how high to point

    • When/how to tack and gybe

  • Downwind

    • wave catching technique

    • Downwind tactics. Broad Reach V’s By the Lee

  • * 1pm lunch

  • * 2pm back on water for 2 hour afternoon session.

  • * 4:30pm short debrief ashore.


  1. Golf Thursday 8th Feb

Peter Craig is planning a round of golf for interested players on Thursday with a tee time between 10:am and midday.

If you are interested contacter Peter on 0419643 264 or