Wrap -Up

Four days of great sailing off Mooloolaba - warm water, good winds and kind seas.  Great competition and friendly rivalry on the water, and companionship on the beach.

Hopefully competitors from nearly all Australian States, New Zealand , USA and Europe have had safe returns to their home ports!

Results are displayed on the Result page -

1. Arranged by the different Laser Fleets.

2. Arranged by the Age Categories within each Fleet.

Thanks to all who assisted in making this a memorable Regatta - Competitors and Supporters , Officials and Volunteers and the Media who captured the moment.

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Day 2 - Report so far...

The Australian Laser Masters Championship kicked off in Mooloolaba on Friday with 162 competitors in three fleets; the Standards, the Radial Apprentice, Masters & Grand Masters, and the Radial Super Grand Masters & 4.7's. Five races have now been sailed, with five left on the schedule and the first drop to come into play after race 6 today.


Full results

Gallery day 1

Gallery day 2

Laser Masters Information


Currently there are two amendments to the Sailing Instructions.

Amendment 1 deals with conflicts between the NOR and the Sis. The SIs will take precedent! 

So the times in the Schedule of Races in the SIs will be the ones we are following. Please check your times.

Amendment 2 details changes to Clause 6.1 of the Sailing Instructions : Combined Categories and the Fleet Flags.

Laser State Champs - DT - 2017 Mar 40.jpg

B. For those who came in late, or those who have forgotten -

Sign On and Off the water will use a web-based system developed by TopYacht. You can used any connected device to Sign On or Off the water.

The link again is :  Removed for security reasons - check the Regatta Notice Board

For those without a device, you can borrow one, or use one located near the Regatta Office before and after Racing.

More details on the Regatta website :  https://www.lasermasters2018.com/


C. Friday Registration and Competitor's Meeting

Registration will be between 0900hours and 1100hours in the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club room located just to the east of  the Business Pier 33.

  • You will be asked to check your Regatta Entry details again, and make any necessary amendments.
  • On Return of your printed details you will be issued with
    • Your Entrant's Wristband for the Saturday Night Dinner at the RSL Maroochydore.
    • Your Mast Band (sock) signifying your Age Category for on-water identification.
  • Extra Dinner Tickets (wristbands) will be available separately for those who pre-ordered them. Please pay in cash!

The Competitor's Meeting (1130hours) will be held at the eastern end of Dinghy Park A on the slope above the Launching Ramp.

The Regatta Office and the Official Notice Board are located near the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club Room.

D. Regatta Information will be available on the Regatta website, the Regatta Facebook page and the "SAILOR" app developed by ClubOp.

E. Results will be calculated using Sailwave scoring , and uploaded to the Sailwave server. A link to this server will be placed on the Results pages of the Regatta website and the SAILOR app.

F. Media - Local media are covering the Regatta and I understand that there will be a News Report tomorrow night, Thursday, on Win News channel 8 at 6pm about the Regatta, including some interviews, footage and archive.

G. For Morning Coffee lovers - a coffee van "Captain Brew" will be at the Marina carpark from 8:00am on Monday (?) as a service to competitors and friends.


Signing On and Off the Water

Laser State Champs - OJ - 2017 Mar 45.jpg

The Laser Masters Regatta will  be using the TopYacht Sign on/off system which is a web-based system. You can access this on-line system from any smart phone, tablet or computer with a data connection.

We are sending this link out early so that if you have not experienced this system before, you can have a practice before you get to the Regatta.

A on-line link will lead you to the Sign On/Off web site - (Removed for security reasons) 

The link and a QR code will be posted on the Regatta Notic Board.

We strongly recommend that sailors bookmark the link in your device.

The system will be activated each morning, and de-activated each evening after boats return ashore.

Note:  The Sailing Instructions set a time limit for Signing -Off ( Instruction 17)



With the release of the Sailing Instructions for the Laser Masters Regatta, we have become aware that a few relatively minor discrepancies have developed as operational details have been finalised.

In the event of a conflict between the NOR and the Sailing Instructions, the Sailing Instructions shall prevail.

Please note that some scheduled times have been amended in the Sailing Instructions.

The times shown in the Sailing Instructions will apply.

Amendment to Parking Arrangements

                                               Dinghy Rigging Park" A"

                                               Dinghy Rigging Park" A"

Boat rigging areas. Further to previous announcements Dinghy Park "A" which is the grassed area between the amenities building and restaurant "Pier 33" is to be reserved for the following categories of competitors -Women,  Legends, Great Grand Masters, 4.7's and boats registered for the Brett Bayer coaching sessions. All other competitors are to use Dinghy Park "B", the large secured public carpark and boat ramp area immediately to the west of the marina.

ALL competitors are to leave road trailers in the upper section of Dinghy Park B. There is no parking for road trailers at Dinghy Park A. Also refer to the map on the web site - Parking.

Saturday Night Regatta Dinner


The Regatta Dinner will be held at the RSL Maroochydore, a short drive from the sailing venue at Mooloolaba. Dinner is scheduled at 6.30pm.

Your Regatta wristband is your entrance ticket to the Dinner. Sailors will receive one when they complete their pre-Regatta registration, and extras ordered for family or friends can be collected and paid for at the same place.- cash only please.

Extra Tickets must be ordered from Todd by 2 February 2018


Brett Bayer coaching and Golf

  1. Brett Bayer Coaching Clinics Late vacancies

Due to a couple of late cancellations we now have a two vacancies in the first clinic on 3rd and 4th and one vacancy on clinic 6th and 7th Feb.

REGISTER at the QLA web site www.qlalasers.com

Look for the Brett Bayer article and links or call Fergus Gillanders-Blagdon – AS (07 3393 6788) fergus.gillanders@sailing.org.au

Michael Wilson – QLA (0417 758 859) wilsomichael58@gmail.com


Topics Brett will cover

  • Meet 9:30 with boats rigged, but not changed.

  • Boat set-up, hiking strap position and sail shapes discussion and examples.

  • On water about 10:45 for 2 hour morning session. Any on-water session to include practice of:

  • Upwind

    • Sitting and sheeting positions

    • Starts and slow boat control. Acceleration techniques.

    • How to manage apparent wind in swell upwind

    • When to hike and when to rest

    • Defining how high to point

    • When/how to tack and gybe

  • Downwind

    • wave catching technique

    • Downwind tactics. Broad Reach V’s By the Lee

  • * 1pm lunch

  • * 2pm back on water for 2 hour afternoon session.

  • * 4:30pm short debrief ashore.


  1. Golf Thursday 8th Feb

Peter Craig is planning a round of golf for interested players on Thursday with a tee time between 10:am and midday.

If you are interested contacter Peter on 0419643 264 or



Maroochy Sailing and the Laser Masters


A number of inter-state Laser sailors have asked why and how the Maroochy Sailing Club is hosting the Laser Masters Regatta at Mooloolaba.

Maroochy Sailing Club was established in 1959, and for almost all of that time has been based on Chambers Island in the Maroochy River. We are a river Sailing Club, run entirely by volunteers, sailing off-the-beach dinghy fleets of Lasers, Sabres, Pacers and Optimists on our regular River course. This year we became a Discover Sailing Centre offering the Tackers program to younger sailors.

With the two Mooloolaba Clubs, the Mooloolaba Yacht Club and the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club, both focused on keelboat racing, Maroochy has been requested on a number of occasions to host OTB dinghy or catamaran sailing events offshore in Mooloolaba Bay – one of the few venues in Southern Queenland with relatively easy access to open ocean sailing. Over the past few years we have hosted several State and Australian Championships, as well as being responsible for the Dinghy & Catamaran components of the wider Sail Mooloolaba Festival.

Hosting a Regatta away from your home base does present some logistical challenges, and we acknowledge the support of the Mooloolaba Yacht Club, the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club as well as the Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club in providing equipment and/or personnel to assist with the Masters event.

We all wish you an enjoyable Regatta and a great stay on the Sunshine Coast !

SCYC – (Keelboats) - Mooloolaba Marina, 33 Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba

MYC – (Keelboats, Etchells & Elliott’s Match Racing) – The Wharf Tavern, 123 Parkyn Parade Mooloolaba

MSC – (OTB Dinghies) - Chambers Island in the Maroochy River, Maroochydore

Maroochy Sailing Club.jpg